Hey there! I’m Michelle who goes by just Chelle because most of the time I’m too lazy to incorporate the ‘Mi’ with the rest of my name. I am mother to many kids (6 in total), wife to a Navy and Army Veteran.

I work from home. No not a job where I host parties making people sniff, taste, tickle their nose, or peddle any other wares. Although at times I do wish I had more confidence to stand before people to do shows. I don’t have patience to hone in on my skills of knitting/crocheting, baking, cooking, cleaning, painting and lack of an eye for photography. Instead I work in the social media field protecting the brands I love remotely.

What’s up with the name of this blog? As a mom who is always doing something or being called by everyone in different directions I have a tendency to say “oh just stop already” more then I breathe. If you ever have the chance to run next to me at the gym, you’ll hear me mutter it to myself as well to keep myself from quitting.

Here on “Oh, just stop already” you will find the good, the bad, the ugly and the beauty in my journey. Don’t worry you won’t be bombarded with nonstop fitness talk. As a parent and wife it is difficult to not talk about my family that pushes my sanity to the limits, my parenting blunders, inner self-talk, recipes whether praising or laughing at my flops, as well as products/brands that I just want to scream from the mountain tops about.
So why not pull up a chair, grab your bottle of water and settle in to join me on this crazy adventure as I try hard to not kick and scream too much to becoming not only a healthier me but a mother and wife.