Having a Green Tea Cleanse – the Right Method

Green tea cleanse is not a novel idea when it comes to detoxifying and cleaning the body. Compared to juicing and water fasting, this approach is rather sustainable. Secondary to the detoxifying purpose, green tea cleanse can also relax and energize the body. Green tea has many other uses than plain drinking for example nail cleaning

Green Tea Cleanse

There are morning and evening green tea cleansing, each has its own purposes during the day. Compared to coffee, green tea contains very less caffeine.  Morning green tea is taken to replenish the lost electrolytes and keep the antioxidants that are all necessary for keeping the body in its healthy and normal state. A good morning tea that is popular among green teas is the Long Jin Xifeng or the Dragonwell. The tiny shoots and young leaves are the best sources of this green tea which contains amino acids, ascorbic acid, and significant amount of natural antioxidant, catechins, all of which contribute to better recovery after sleeping. Catechins also work best for controlling blood pressure by repairing the lining of blood vessels. In addition, the caffeine content is the one responsible for energizing the body to keep up with the tasks of the day. On the other hand, evening green tea serves to cleanse and detoxify the body from the toxins obtained from the food and environment. Considered as Japan’s highest quality green tea, young leaves of Tencha also contains significant levels of antioxidants. It is processed first by making a powder which is then called Matcha, the one used to make green teas for tea ceremonies. Responsible for the uniquely sweet flavor of Matcha is the high amounts of chlorophyll that also functions as the detoxifier. This is a recommended evening green tea because its antioxidant contents are the protection of the cells from wear and tear during sleep. Moreover, Matcha regulates cholesterol balance by increasing the amount of good cholesterol, HDL, and lowering that of LDL.

Green Tea Cleanse

Green tea cleanse is quite easy to do. In the morning, add lemon and ginger to your cup of Dragonwell tea. A cup or two of your preferred green tea without sweeteners is recommended throughout the day. Finally, end your day with the evening green tea Matcha, an hour before you sleep. Doing this routine is not time consuming. Green tea cleanse is also a realistic and safe approach to achieve a healthier body day by day.

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