Is Yoga Really Helpful While Trying to Conceive?

Yoga is a relaxing activity that calms the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of a person. It truly exceeds the expectations from a flexibility exercise. Interestingly, there are existing studies that link the positive effects of yoga on improving fertility. Research claims that the recommended duration of yoga is 45 minutes weekly, that short time to spend gives lasting healing and aid in finally getting pregnant.

yoga and fertility

Some studies focus on the effect of doing yoga on stress management. While stress is being linked to infertility and difficulty of pregnancy, managing stress and keeping it on an acceptable level is deemed to be effective in promoting fertility. Beating stress helps the body maintain the hormones that it needs in different states of the female body, such as during pregnancy. Progesterone or pregnancy hormones are promoted, and stress hormone cortisol is inhibited. This restores balance of female hormones, making the body ready to overcome stress. Practicing yoga allows the body to find its stillness amidst the noisy world, creating a suitable environment to bear a baby in the womb through balanced hormonal levels.

Yoga is also studied to improve blood supply to the lower trunk, towards the pelvis where the reproductive organs are. This allows maximum functioning of the reproductive system, by delivering sufficient amount of nutrients and oxygen to the pelvis. Yoga also relaxes the muscles in the pelvis to assist in proper circulation, all leading to increasing chances of getting pregnant.

in vitro fertilization

Lastly, yoga is being studied as beneficial to in vitro fertilization or IVF. Such fertility treatments when coupled with yoga are said to increase self-awareness by affecting the body chemistry.

There are many medications and methods that help improve fertility. Some are expensive while others are still not proven effective. Yoga is an inexpensive way to improve fertility without experiencing any side effects, and even gaining benefits such as a calm mind and relaxed body.


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