The Truth and Facts About Apple Cider Diet

There is a growing awareness and concern on keeping a healthy body and lifestyle, especially with the increasing risk of obesity and related illnesses. People turn to personal exercise routine or going to the gym, but the main focus should be on watching your food intake. There are a lot of diet meal plans that promise fast weight loss but this can be harmful if not done properly, like in crash diets. Getting proper amounts of calories based on daily output, essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals are also not guaranteed in these meal plans.

apple cider vinegar

One promising way to lose weight is using apple cider vinegar. It is among the food items that help in losing weight because the nutritional components of this food item provide wide scope of benefits to keep a healthy body. Some benefits being studied aside from losing some pounds are controlling diabetes, treating minor injuries, helping proper digestion, and lowering cholesterol. In one of the studies, one possible explanation as to how apple cider vinegar aids in controlling blood sugar is the fact that it tends to affect digestion of starch. Consequently, there will be a decrease in uptake of calories, lowering blood sugar. Other studies showed the correlation between satiety and pectin, the fiber present in apple cider vinegar. Like other fibers, it gives the feeling of satiety thus preventing the desire to overeat. The presence of antioxidants also allow the body to control weight while eliminating toxins from the body through fighting off free radicals.

To include the recommended dose of apple cider vinegar in your diet, it is ideal to take warm water mixture of apple cider vinegar two to three times before your meals every day. There is also an option to use capsule which is taken before your three meals a day. When doing this as a way to reduce weight, consultation with the physician should be done for safety because there are some precautions like damage in oral health if the apple cider vinegar is too much concentrated, lack of nutrients because of commercial processing, and acid reflux if user is prone to esophageal irritations.

apple cider diet

Doing this diet gives desirable, but not immediate effect. If you wanted to lose weight overnight, it will never be possible with any diet options available. Apple cider vinegar when included in the regular diet, can give a lot of health benefits on top of just losing weight. Nevertheless, it takes patience, routine exercise, and a balanced diet with regular inclusion of apple cider vinegar for a healthier way to lose weight.

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