Our 3 Easy Changes to A Healthier Life with NaturalProbiotics

April has always been a love-hate month for me.There’s so much love as it’s the month that the winter blues start shedding away. The sun starts shinning longer and Mother Nature is in full swing all around. But sadly though the temps aren’t as high as I like and well living on the coast of Oregon, the rain just won’t leave me alone. It’s also the time when I start putting away the comfort food recipes and start digging for light foods to help us shed the winter weight we’ve packed on as if we’re hibernating bears. This year after a lot of talk and wondering if I could do it alone, the hubs finally said he’ll jump on board with me as I embark on new eating habits next month. I wish I had started earlier but it took a lot of courage to even say it out load after last year when I said I wanted the whole family to try going vegetarianism and everyone just stared at me with bulging eyes of disbelief. Apparently we’re a meat eating family and threatening to take that away was grounds from being voted off the family island.

So we put our heads together. We read. We researched and finally decided to give Paleo eating try. I refuse to call it a diet. Ultimately it’s a change in the way of our lives. It’s us taking back our say in what goes into our food and then into our mouths. Are we going to be 150% perfect all the time? Probably not. Hey it’s our first try but at least we’re making the steps to change. And this month we’ve already started with some small changes, so that’s another win-win in my book!

Change #1: Supplement Our Diets

What better way to make changes then to start paying attention to other things about our bodies. With all our bad eating; we’re throwing our systems out of whack. Then add in with every year we get older out healthy bacteria decreases; it only seemed to be the most natural of choices. Picking up Insync Natural Probiotic at Wal-mart the other week has really been a step in the right direction to getting back on track. Giving our intestines additional good bacteria to continue fighting for a well balanced digestive system is always a positive!

Change #2: Get Back to Making Breakfasts Again

We fell off the breakfast wagon again for the past 3 months. I know. One would think as much as I talk about breakfast being important I would never fall off the wagon, but I did. And even though I’m giving up grains for a month in May, I’m still going to let the kids enjoy their oatmeal. I consider ourselves pretty lucky to have little ones who willingly eat oatmeal and only ask for fruits to be added. Every once in awhile when they ask for it to be a little sweeter, I don’t grab the sugar anymore (well I have already tossed it in the trash) but I just drizzle some Agave on theirs and they’re in love again.

Change #3: Say hello to faux treats

And as we all know I have a whicked sweet-tooth so instead of ice cream at night; I’ve been making banana faux ice cream. The first time I gave it to the kids they had absolutely no idea. Making faux banana ice cream is pretty simple in fact. Right after you buy your bananas, you’ll want to peel them. Wrap each banana individually in cling wrap. Trust me when I say individually! The best part about making this is that you can make it to suit everyone’s fancy or just a huge batch at once. You aren’t getting any additional sugars or artificial junk unless you start throwing in candy pieces or what have you. When you’re ready to make yours you’ll need:

  • 1-2 frozen bananas
  • 2-3 ice cubes
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened hemp/almond or regular milk
  • a couple drizzles of Natural Agave (per preferred taste)
  • any additional fruits or treats you’d like
  1. Place all ingredients in blender and blend till desired consistency.
  2. Toss in additional treats if you’d like or eat it as it is.
  3. And you’re done! Simple as that.

Last but definitely not the least…

Change #4 Embrace the challenges

This has to be the hardest change ever for me, especially having anxiety. But it’s been a year since I said goodbye to my medications and taking it head on. For the most part, I’m happy to say I handle everything with a smidgeon of anxiety that disappears within 30 minutes. But every once in a while something just gets a hold of me and it’s battle to hold on. I’m going to go back to embracing them. Ultimately I have the final say in allowing anything that crosses my path to have a negative reaction to. I’m taking the challenge to stand my ground and accept being happy. Because in the end Changes #1, #2, and #3 really do not matter at all if you just can’t be happy.

Combine all your changes together and before you know it; all the right pieces will fall into place giving you a healthier happier version of yourself.

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We are all “spring cleaning” our lives in one fashion or another; what are you doing for yourself?

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