3 Extreme Sport Ideas that Will Help You Stay Fit and Active

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Almost anyone can agree that staying fit and active can be very difficult in today’s fast paced and sedentary world. It’s not necessarily that people do not have the time to work out, but rather that people have grown so used to staying in one place throughout the day that it is very difficult to find the right motivation to stay active each day. Too many people go out to get a gym membership after making a resolution to get into shape, only to find themselves making excuses and rationalizing why they don’t need to go right away. Of course, this quickly leads to them forgetting about the gym altogether. Another factor is that, when people have spare time, they are used to constant entertainment either from their TV or the internet. Taking time to work out, even at home, can be boring and unpleasant at first. Most people give up before they are able to see any measurable results and therefore lose faith in the process altogether. These things only make it that much more difficult to find the right motivation the next time they consider getting “back into shape.” 

There is however an excellent solution that is often overlooked by the masses. If the biggest problem in staying fit is motivation, then perhaps they should find an enjoyable and even addictive way to do it. Regular sports like football or basketball can be enough of a motivation for some, while others crave something a little bit more extreme. Extreme sports can be both thrilling and addictive to the right type of person. Not to mention that a large variety of them are incredibly good workouts for the body. Imagine if you actually wanted to do something active after work and on your days off. Actually, consider the idea that you couldn’t wait until the next time you could get out to play. The truth is, this is how most people who play extreme sports feel. The sport becomes far more than just a workout. It is also a hobby and, for some, almost an obsession. It’s well known that inactivity and the sedentary lifestyle cause a variety of health problems, including loss of energy, depression and excessive weight gain. Perhaps it’s time to give yourself an enjoyable way to stay fit and enjoy yourself on a more frequent basis.

Here are just a few extreme sports that are an excellent workout and available to play to anyone willing to try them:

1. Rock Climbing/Mountain Climbing – Rock climbing and mountain climbing are some of the most exhilarating workout activities there are. Beyond the thrill of the gradual ascent up the side of a mountain or rock wall, climbers feel they are pitting themselves against nature. To the experienced climber, a difficult mountain looks to be challenging them from a distance. Accepting that challenge and ultimately conquering that mountain is both extremely thrilling and rewarding. Many muscle groups are covered by climbing and it is also excellent for cardio.

2. Airsoft and Paintball – These games can easily double as a hobby to anyone who is interested in faux warfare. While playing either Airsoft or Paintball is a great workout, they are also highly addictive games. The player can choose their own Airsoft gun or Paintball marker and has the ability to upgrade them to their own specifications. If the ideas of crossing over into enemy lines, finding cover, and skirmishing with the enemy (all without risking your life) sound exciting to you, one of these games is probably the best solution you could find to combat a sedentary lifestyle and/or boredom in general. Here’s a workout that comes stock with an all-natural supplement – adrenaline.

3. Winter Sports – Depending on where you live, or the time of year, another great option for staying in shape in a fun and exciting way is to take up a winter sport. Skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and tobogganing are just a few of these sports that will knock you into shape during the colder months of the year. These sports are usually thought of as simply leisurely activities, but in truth they can all double as workouts.