10 Fruit Recipes to Help Breakup the HumDum Fruit Routine

With Spring in the air and Farmer’s Markets starting back up; fresh fruit will be popping up everywhere. I pretty much stick to 3 ways of eating my fruit… directly, in a smoothie, or on a kabob. This year though we’re going to be adventurous and try some other ways. The kids don’t see what the big deal is but to me it gets boring eating it the same way every day. I like a little variety. And best of all I’m almost positive I can spin every one of these 10 fruit recipes into a healthier-Paleo friendly way if I just take the time to think it out before hitting up the store.

Every year I start out strong eating Grapefruit but I fizzle out within two weeks. I either get a great tasting one or end up with an incredibly strong bitter one. I know sugar’s bad for you so I try not to coat the top of my fruit with it but when I get the strong ones I just end up tossing it over piling on the sugar. Such a waste I know. So hopefully switching it up a bit and making a Citrus Fruit Salad will help change my bad habit of tossing.

Want to know a little secret? I never ever use limes in anything but marinades or my Corona’s. However I have heard recently that they are really good. Plus why not switch up the kids boring fruit salad up a couple of notches to be suitable for adults? That’s why this Mojito Fruit Salad is on my list for the next family gathering. I know my mother in law will love this one as well.

And for the kids, we can spruce up the boring regular fruit salads with some Fancy Fruit Salad. I did a little searching and found that we can actually make homemade yogurt from almonds to adhere to the new eating habits we’re starting next month. That’s a huge relief. Now to just tackle the fear of attempting to make yogurt from scratch.

For the kids cheat treats when they’re at the in-laws I’m passing my mother in law this Banana Cheesecake Chimichanga. Looks amazingly divine and incredibly easy that the kids would love to help her make them for a desert on a sleepover.

No matter how hard I try to spin it, there is no way to get around Apple Cobbler. It’s just reminds me of pure July-Americana must have!

Who doesn’t love smoothies? These Berry Lovin Smoothie are a great treat during the day add in some flaxseed and you’re golden.

I’m so over drinking water lately. The lack of flavor drives me batty for some reason so I’m going to give this Blackberry Honey Spritzer a whirl next week. I need something that isn’t full of junk but will let me enjoy drinking the much-needed water again.

I printed Angel Fruit Trifle for my Mother in Law again with hopes she’ll make it one day, that way I won’t feel horrible for sneaking a bite here and there if she makes it vs. me.

Never been a fan of the fruit salads with whip cream but my grandpa in law I guess is what you’d call him loves them. Strawberry Chiffon Salad is super simple to satisfy the sweet tooth of an old man. Who am I to deny him?

Saving the absolute best for last, I’ve made these a time or two with the kids when we lived in Kentucky and absolutely forgot about them till now. Dessert Nachos are amazingly sweet. And best part you can make it as sugar-free or as sugary goodness as you want.

What’s your favorite way to enjoy fruits?