Color Me Rad 5K is Offically Crossed Off the List!

I’ve meant to write this post sine Sunday evening but of course like everything else in life, it got pushed to the back burner. But I’m finally taking the time to sit down and write it out.

Friday just flew by with errands hunting down belts for the kids uniforms, finding socks in their team colors, finding a new sports bra that would hold but I wouldn’t care if it got stained by the color powders. (Yes my bright white sports bra is stained orange but I don’t care) I worked Friday night till 10pm and while yes I may work from home, when I work work I can’t just get up and do what I want all the time. Instead I was stuck to my Mac, not able to do anything ahead of time.

Anyways by the time I got off, I was dead tired but I still had to pack because the Hubs said we would not be coming straight home after the race. Point blank even if we ran like hell and drove like hell back to town we would still miss the kids opening day ceremonies for Little League. Date Day it was. So I had to pack extra clothes to change into, make sure I had two different things to wear since I didn’t know what kind of date we would be going on nor if we were coming back Saturday night or Sunday morning. I still had to shave, clean the rabbit cages out, wash the dishes, swap out laundry, vacuüm the floors, pack all the kids bags to go spend the weekend with grandma and grandpa.

Oy Veigh I’m tired just rehashing Friday.

Back to the subject at hand. Saturday morning the alarm went off at 0445, right on time. Unfortunately for me I slept MAYBE 3 hours. But I was up, did my hair, messed with my eyebrows, brewed coffee, fed dogs, walked dogs, fed rabbits, loved rabbits. Started the truck to warm up, rechecked bags, loaded truck up. Woke the hubs up and away we went.

He drove the two and half hours while I rattled on about random insignificant stuff. And then what seemed like an eternity we were pulling into the parking lot as random bits of bright clean white clothes started popping up. We got there early since we didn’t pic up our race packets the day before. I had in my head that we were going to have to battle lines of crazy people to get our stuff, and no there was no line because we were so early.

I would just like to point out that the weather report said slightly cloudy, the guy lied. A big fat horrible lie! It was 47 degrees out when we ran. 47!!! I was freezing, my ears were ringing from the cold. My chest felt like it was full of ice. And the wind. Oh the wind was just nasty! I don’t know how people run in the snow, I could barely run in some clouds and wind.

(Oh yeah that’s right I ran 31 miles in April!! Woohooo!)

But we did it. We ran 95% of the race. I even got happy teary eyed during the run because I was so happy to have the Hubs there, by my side pushing me to keep going and to not give up. It was just an amazingly fun time. Although I could have SWORN a 5k was only 3.1 miles. We literally ran almost 4! I double checked my Nike Run app, I checked the route when we got home on other maps and yupp we still ran almost 4 miles vs. the 3.1 Oh well I’m not complaining because I ran it with a smile!

The hubs got hit with more powder than I but in my defense after some jerk at the start line threw a huge clump of red powder at his friend hitting me directly in my eye and contact; I kinda lost the urge to be colored. My eye stung for what seemed like forever. Note to anyone doing a color run…be respectful of those around you when throwing the color!

And want to see the funniest thing ever? I literally was dying laughing when I saw these. Of course the Hubs refused to let me sit at the bathrooms waiting to catch a guy use them nor would he use it for me to grab a pic. I swear there’s nothing wrong with a wife waiting to watch a guy use the urinal. Bwhahahahaha

Now that is is done, we have the Dirty Dash coming up in June. I’m also thinking about signing the whole family up for the Dirty Duck in September as a birthday present to Sy but need to check the schedule. It’s moments like this that I hate living in the boonies, so far away from these events that I have to plan strategically because it’s not just the cost of registration but the cost of gas, food, and time.

Happy Friday Everyone!!