Fitness Friday: Color Me Rad 5K Here I Come!

Can’t believe tomorrow’s the day. Tomorrow’s  Color Me Rad 5k in Eugene. Seems like it wasn’t long ago when I said I had signed up. Thankfully a friend of a friend can’t make it and gave me the extra ticket, so now the hubs will be running with me. Which to be honest is a huge relief because the though of going and running alone was terrorizingly fearful. I know don’t be such a baby but honestly I’ve ever done anything alone. I’ve never eaten at a restaurant not even fast food alone. I always have the kids with me or if on the rare occasion I am alone I sit in the car eating. It’s really quite sad. Especially when I talk a huge game of independence. Which I am still for.I do a lot for myself fixing the house the cars doing the yard work splitting wood. But being alone with no one around me even one of the kids yeah I curl in a corner rocking at the thought.

With the kids practices and trying to juggle figuring out dinner so early I haven’t been to the gym in over a week but I have been working out while they’re out hitting balls. Sy’s practice place is more ideal as it’s at the middle school with a real track and stadium. Makes it a heck of lot easier to do stuff. Ash’s is at the elementary school and their “track” is just a quarter-mile dirt woven path around the baseball field. They do have play equipment I’m sure I could incorporate into working out but I just run then call it a day.

And even though I’m terribly excited for tomorrow, that I’m going to miss the kids Opening Day Ceremonies just hurts. But like the hubs tells me; I have yet to miss the majority of the kids sports. I take work to the field and sit in the truck to watch, I make him FaceTime me if we have service so I can see. It won’t in the end kill me to miss tomorrow. Thankfully the kids could care less because Grandma’s taking them and they think it’s hilarious that I’m going to get hit with color bombs.

I was so happy to have a good run Monday. Wednesday though well you can see from the pic, it was just horrible! The wind was against me. The kids were against me. And then at some point Ash thought it would be a great idea to climb into the Thule Chinook Chariot I with ‘Tyn. There I was running against the wind, pushing the Thule with a 25 lbs baby in it and then add her 32lb little self. Resistance training is great but not when I wasn’t prepared for it.

What got you moving this week?

Doesn’t matter if it’s running, walking, jumping, swimming or dancing.

Remember to get moving!