10 Spring Cleaning Tips That Get OverLooked

As winter slips further to the past; it’s time to start opening the windows and get rid of the gunk that’s been piling up around us. That’s right folks.. Spring cleaning is here! There’s no need to spend a lot of money on remaking each room in your house when a little elbow grease can do wonders for a lot less.

10 Spring Cleaning Tips


Besides just cleaning the bathroom like normal, take the time to check expiration dates on medicines. Toss out the “empty but you’re still hoping you can get something out of it” bottles. This is also a great time to swap out your shampoo and conditioner as we all know using the same one for extended periods of time does more harm than good. Don’t have to spend a fortune to liven up the bathroom either. A simple inexpensive bathmat with some matching hand towels in a light bright color will brighten the room up.


I’m not one to swap out clothes from one season to the next, but I am one to pull what doesn’t fit and toss in a bag to take to the local homeless shelter. Reorganize the closets, replace the hangers, and clear out the stuff that gets forgotten for months at a time. One man’s trash is another’s’ treasure.

Laundry Room:

Pull the washer and dryer out to clean not just behind but under as well. The built up lint and dust particles are a perfect breeding ground for unwanted rodents and fire hazards. Unhook the dryer hose and do a quick vacuum, unscrew your lint trap and clean it out too. This is also a great time to see if your washer has any small leaks. We always notice the huge leaks that flood the room but what about the small drips that can erode your floor without notice?


Remove all pictures and decorations that you can, move all furniture from the walls and do a quick wipe down with a damp rag or mop. Going chemical-free, remember the basic and greatest cleaning solution ever is a simple solution of a water and vinegar mix. After the wall is dry to touch up all the neglected chips and nail holes.


If you haven’t already implemented this rule you really should start. Not only does it prolong the life of your carpets but it also keeps the dirt at bay. No shoes in the house. And better yet no bare feet if possible. Did you know your bare feet leave natural oils behind? Than add in that you may have just put lotion on and you’re creating a dirt attraction frenzy on your carpets. Next time you’re at the store pick up some extra socks or slippers. We pick up socks when they’re on clearance and make everyone wear the mismatched socks. Plus it cuts down on hearing the “I’m cold” complaints.


Toss the chemical ridden harsh pH cleaners for your tile and grout. A baking soda water combo makes for a PERFECT homemade cleaner that will get your tile shinning again.

Reorganize Bookshelves:

If you’re like me you’re bookshelf isn’t really a bookshelf and more like a catchall shelf. If that’s the case it’s the time to start new. Clean them off, remove all the clutter. Reorgnaize your books. Maybe remove some to free up space and open the shelves up better. Maybe they’re too bare, stop by your local thrift store or used book store and pick up some eye-catching bindings to add some life to yours.

Hardwood floors:

Honestly I always hated this part about having hardwood floors and dreaded it every spring we lived in Kentucky but it needs to be done. Kick everyone including the pets out of the house, move all the furniture either out of the room completely or do areas in sections. But this is the perfect time to get that shine back. Once it’s back it is a heck of lot easier to keep up.

Windows and coverings:

Wipe down your blinds, toss your curtains in the wash, clean not just the inside but the outside of your windows as well. Take the screens off and hose them down to loosen any dirt and spiderweb that collected when the window’s were closed up tight. Clean the window tracks as well. If you can this is a perfect time to possibly change your window treatments to a lighter shade to liven up the room.

Light Fixtures:

Don’t forget to check your light bulbs in every room of the house. Toss out the old yellowish bulbs and go for a more natural light. Not only do they save you money in the long run, they will brighten every room and you didn’t even have to replace all your furniture! While doing that wipe any of the fixtures down. Over time the glass gunks up blocking the light.

With these simple Spring cleaning tips, well minus the hardwood floors, it shouldn’t take very long to spruce up the place and more time doing something you enjoy instead of cleaning.