Switching it Up this Spring: My 12 Reasons to Start Running

The kids have started Little League practices this month, and I decided to break the norm for me. Usually I go to the practices with ‘Tyn in his Ergo on my back and then I try to hobknob with parents hoping to make friends. Never works out too well for me and i realize I’m just not that kind of gal. I hate making friends and worrying about being judged. So I have taken the Thule Chinook Chariot and I’m putting miles on it. I load ‘Tyn up, plug in and I run. I walk. I do boxjumps on the playground steps. But I sure as heck don’t spend 2 hours trying to fit into a click anymore. Last week, as I was pulling my Thule out of my truck, a mom stopped to ask me why I run instead of sitting with them. Of course I’m not going to divulge me fears of trying to fit in so I told her my reasons to start running.

12 Reasons to Start Running

1. Running isn’t rocket science. Pretty sure you’ve done it once or twice in your life. Doesn’t take much, no electronics, or a trainer. You just lace up and go.

2. Stress reliever. Your stress will find the things that were bothering you, weighing you down slowly slip away as you keep moving along the pavement.

3. Amazing cardiovascular workout for your body. Incorporating cardio regularly into your weekly routine schedule. It improves your heart and of course burns calories allowing for not just weight loss but maintaining your weight.

4. Running = Toning. It will tone your thigh and calf muscles and of course build strong refined muscles.

5. There are no boundaries. You can run anywhere your heart desires. You can be on vacation, traveling for business or just home. There’s no need for gym memberships or weights. You’re free.

6. Endorphins galore. You may not want to do it, you may hate it during the run but at the end you’ll feel great about yourself. Those endorphins are truly amazing!

7. Motivation galore. You’ll find that you will keep pushing yourself further and faster with each run. You’ll be amazed at how a simple run that was difficult in the beginning is now a breeze and you’ll want to see what else you’re capable of.

8. No fees required. Minus the cost of a pair of running shoes, it’s ultimately free. You’re wallet will thank you while you’re body is loving it.

9. No groups needed. Another fabulous reason to take on running you can do it alone, with a friend or in a group. Doesn’t matter.

10. Learn about your community. While you’re running you will discover things about your community that you miss when you’re in the car. You may even discover new areas, met others, or just fall in love all over with the are a you call home.

11. Did you know that the more you weigh, the faster you can loose the weight by running? Wondering why? It’s because the more you weigh, the more effort that needs to be used which results in more calories being used.

12. You get to enjoy carbs! When you’re training for a big run you’ll want to load up on the carbs because carbs turn into fuel for our bodies. So all that alfredo, penne, mashed potatoes are on the okay list when you run.