5 Reasons Why Muay Thai is Great for Fitness #BestMuayThai

*This is a sponsored post. However all thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

One of the husband and I’s favorite things to do for a random date night is to watch UFC after the kids go to bed. I have always been intrigued with mixed martial arts, especially Muay Thai. This martial art style originated in Thailand as a close combat skill, replacing the need for weapons as the body mimics the weapons. Unfortunately the martial art was lost for thousands of years when the Burmese sacked Ayudhaya during the 14th century. Muay Thai offers an incredible health and fitness benefits to those who practice it.

Leg Strength:

If you have ever gotten a glimpse at Muay Thai in action, then you’ll know that leg action is HUGE. In fact the RoundHouse Kick is the most distinctive move in the art. Using your legs improves your balance, agility and best of all your legs will look amazing!

Core Strength:

Not just your abs but your entire core foundation, think between your lower and upper body, will thank you for taking Muay Thai. Your center will become balanced, strong, and flexible like no other. The best way to envision core strength is like a tree trunk. A tree is only as strong as it’s core.

Self Discipline:

You will learn to see what your body and mind are completely about. Pushing yourself past limits where you originally thought you would never be capable of doing. Your state of mind, ability to focus, and confidence will reach all new levels.

Stress Relief:

We all know that stress isn’t always a good thing. But how do we get rid of it in a healthy way that allows for us to train our bodies in the same time? BestMuayThai does just that, allowing you to train and focus on you and no one else. Sometimes it is okay to focus

And of course one of the biggest reasons…


While our family is fairly decent advocate for our gun rights; our teen is the complete opposite. She wants nothing to do with them. Having her learn a martial art that could potentially save her in a life or death situation just eases my mind for when she leaves the nest.

Fitness doesn’t have to come in the form of lifting weights or running or attending a million cardio classes with other woman. Following any routine that requires dedication, discipline, and the want to learn will allow you to do greatness. #BestMuayThai is a fascinating martial arts skill that any one, regardless of age can learn as long as you have the desire.

*Image Source: Flickr: Eric Langley – The Diary of a Fight Fan Image # 13