Reading with the kids: My Story Noah…My Story Daniel

* As a Tommy Nelson Mommy, we received these books complimentary. However all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. This post may or may not contain affiliate links.

While I may have been baptized as a baby, I wasn’t raised in the church. We’d go some Sundays with my grandparents but even as they got older church became a matter of if it fit in the schedule then we’d go. If it was a holiday we for sure went but that was it. As I got older, finding a place in my beliefs became difficult as I struggled with the wrongs I had around me. Then back in 2006, a church  found us. They just wrapped their arms around me and I melted. And like all good things in life, we moved and the search for a church again began. But I always knew that keeping God in the front of our lives was important. My Story: Noah
and My Story: Daniel storybooks from Thomas Nelson let us keep God and our beliefs with us no matter where we are and easy for the kids to understand.

I have tried so hard to dive into the Bible, daily devotions, and just learning more. Unfortunately like everything else in life I fizzle out and find myself overwhelmed. So when the kids ask questions I used to shy away changing the subject. As silly as it sounds having children’s books to read with the kids makes it a heck of a lot easier for me to not just share but understand God’s word. Ash loves that the My Story’s are so colorful and whimsical in the drawings. While Sy picked up quick on the different fonts and joined in on reading sight words while I filled in the ones he wasn’t too sure of.

The story lines are always in first person perspective; whether it’s Noah, Daniel, Joesph, whoever. We get to enjoy the story hearing their thoughts and feelings and their doubts of whether they believe they can defeat what’s laid in front in them.

Each book comes with coloring pages and 50 vibrant journal stickers too. The kids love the stickers to add to their drawings or to the windows in my truck. My Story: Noah was the favorite of the kids, I think because of all the animals. Took us forever to get through it because we had to make sounds for each and everyone plus we go distracted on the discussions of why unicorns never made it on the Ark.


My Story: Daniel and My Story: Noahcan be purchased for less than $5 each. For a 24 page colorful story book for children, that’s a huge still in my book!