Fitness Friday: Going Strong then Spring Break Came w/ Printable

Last week I completely forgot about Fitness Friday but I was doing great! Had a routine going for a whole week was running a mile and a half every single day. Then Sunday came long and the Teen left for Spring Break with the in-laws. And there went my babysitter in the early evening. I tried to go at night after dinner and the kids settled but when your husband is drowning in homework and you know he has a hard time focusing without any distractions; yeah I didn’t go anywhere. I could have easily worked out at home, in fact our house hasn’t been this tidy and spotless in forever but I was too busy searching for my Polar FT4’s heart monitor strap.  I could have gone on Tuesday but we had Little League practice. Then Wednesday and Thursday it poured like crazy. And today well I’m going to blame it on having to pay bills, make a grocery list, debate on whether I want to go out in the rain with the truck to shop or wait till tomorrow when I can have the SUV. Personally I absolutely hate loading the back of the truck up with stuff for the skies to pour down and then every thing is wet and I have to bring it in the house.

Last week runs:

  • 3/18: 1.50 miles 17:51
  • 3/19: 2.02 miles 24.33 fastest mile was 11:56 average pace 12:07
  • 3/20: 2.02 miles 22:41, fastest mile: 11:08; avg pace 11:13; Fastest 1k ran at 6:45!!!
  • 3/21: 1/05 miles 10:29

I only did 3 days of weight lifting due to time constraints:

  • 3 sets 12 reps each:
  • Deadlifts w/ 45lb bar
  • Squats w/ 95lbs
  • Walking Lunges w/ 15lbs dumbbells
  • Legpress 110lbs
  • Standing Calf raises 75lbs
  • Crunches  3x 30 reps
  • Obliques 3x 30 reps
  • Russian Twists 3x 30 reps
  • Chestflys 30lbs
  • Seated Incline Dumbbell Raises 30lbs

Not too impressive but it was something. And I got tired of the hubs super tiny post-it notes with scribble to track what we’re doing so I made a workout log. He claims it’s girly to which I said “hell yes so stay away”. lol Feel free to use it.