Pijon Box: A Perfect College Kid’s Carepackage {subscription service}

One of the fun things we did as a family to pass the time when the hubs was gone was to create care packages. Didn’t matter if he was at school, field training for a month, deployment, or whatever. Sometimes we could mail them and sometimes we would give them to him as he walked out the door. Recently with the conversation of college, the Teen moving away, it got me thinking. I can’t do a package every single month for 4+ years she’s in college. I’d go broke, the postal service will become rich, and I’m sure at some point she would become tired of my ever lacking craft skills. That is why when I was contacted to try out Pijon Box subscription I jumped.


Basically PijonBox.com is a monthly subscription service that allows for you to designate the type of box (male/female/neutral) to be sent to a loved one. Great thing about the boxes is that the contents always exceeds the monthly fee. Plus the boxes aren’t just randomly thrown together with no real concept. The monthly boxes contain items that any college kid would want, need, and even discover new items.

Our March’s box contained:

Energems Chocolates {arv $2.99/box} What student do you know that does not stay up late studying or working trying to cram as much into their time awake as they possibly can. Sometimes they need a little help. I tried one and hmm well I learned a valuable lesson: do not eat one an hour before bed. I was awake for almost the night reading in the dark. It took a lot of will power to not eat them all especially the peanut butter chocolates because well we all know my addiction to this combo and will just keep eating.

Not Your Mother’s Plump for Joy Thickening Hair Lifter {arv $6.99} We had seen this brand at the store the other day. Unfortunately it’s to thicken your hair and neither I nor the Teen need any help in that department. Our hair is all volume and texture, we need smooth and sleek help; well you’ve seen Ash’s hair. Could you imagine that with a thickener in it? lol I’ll see if anyone in the extended family would like to try it but for us it’ was a wash.

Revolution Tea {arv $2.99 sampler pack} These teas were incredibly good. A nice break from coffee and be made in any dorm room no need to go spend a fortune at the local coffee shop. Great way to try new flavors.

TOCCS Panorama Earbuds {arv $29.00} They look just like the Apple earbuds and are as equally uncomfortable in the ear. But if your like my kid, having another set or two of earbuds is always a necessity. So they would work till a better pair could be purchased.

Pan De Oro Organic Tortilla Chips {arv $3.99} I was incredibly pleased with these. So much to the point I called our local co-op store to see if they sell them. Absolutely delicious, completely 100% Organic, GMO-FREE, Gluten Free. Between the little kids and I we polished off the bag within in a very short time. I’m on a mission to find these locally and they will become our new go to tortilla chips.

Overall: It wasn’t the box wasn’t mind-blowing but for the Teen she enjoyed it and said it would still be a great surprise every month getting something new. The complete value of the box was around $50, but that was mainly in the earbuds.

The Low-Down: Pijonbox.com is available at two different price points. $29 a month or if you choose to sign up for a 6 month service at once you can get the monthly fee at $25. That includes shipping as well. No hidden fees. And should your student or yourself wish to buy more of any item in the box, you can simply visit Pijonbox’s store and order directly from them.