What to pick: Stroller or Jogger for Fitness? {Thule Mini Series}

With the weather getting ready to start warming up it’s time to start heading outdoors. Time to get the family off the couch and moving again. Maybe you’ve wanted to sign up for that special 5K or just want to become healthier. But you still have a little one in a stroller. Will that stroller work or have you wondered if you really need one of those fancy joggers? Maybe one like Thule’s Multifunctional Child Carriers? What is the difference between a stroller and a jogger anyways and does it matter when it comes to running?

Yes, yes it does matter! A stroller has four wheels and is not meant to go speeding down the road at 5 miles per hour, which is the average pace of a runner. Strollers are also heavy and have a lot of space to store things so it is easier for you to go to the store or to use while on vacation but not necessarily for a ton of runs or workouts. A jogger on the other hand is a three-wheeled aerodynamically made child carrier. The whole body is made for speed, different terrains, and with fitness in mind. But what about a jogger that can combine both for whatever the situation is at hand? To allow you to stroll through a Farmers’ Market, to hit the pavement running, or go for a bike ride; what about hitting the slopes during the winter or hiking your local trails in the spring?

One of the best things about the Thule Chariot Chinook 1 jogger is the optional locking pivoting front wheel. This makes it super easy to transition from a stroller to a jogger. That’s right, it can be used for both! There are a few out there that have the standard locked wheel, which I feel is a disadvantage for families who want to cut the need of multiple baby carriers. If you are cyclist or want to train for a triathlon, no problem as the front wheel folds away or is completely removable – perfect for cycling!

Just because your little one is still in an infant seat is no reason to not get moving. Picking a jogger that can work with their seat is important. Thule’s Chinook has the adaptions kit for the infant seat to keep you going. The Thule jogger is an urban explorer and can easily roll on pavement, asphalt, and even on your favorite hiking trails through the dirt. Have you tried to run with a regular stroller? Did you feel like a fish out of water? I know I did the first time I tried to chase one of the kids down while pushing the other. There is no way you can run with a stroller regularly.

A  jogger is an investment for sure, but if you are serious about being active with your child, you can’t go wrong with one. Yeah, they can be a tad bit bulkier than it’s counterpart the stroller. However that shouldn’t be a discouraging reason. I have had strollers that I’ve had to pull wheels off and have the kids stand on so I could bungee cord them tighter to fit in the trunk.

When it’s all said and done though, a jogger is a great way to help you train for a 5k or even a triathlon as it is great for both runners and cyclists. Think about it, while you’re training you’re pushing the jogger with your child that’s added weight. Then come race day if you’re not pushing one the weight resistance is gone. The jogger helps keep any parent sane as you’re is able to work out some of the days frustrations. Plus, it keeps baby happy because she gets to see the great outdoors, gets fresh air and still be close to you while you’re training.

This is only the beginning on our series on the Thule Chinook 1 and how we use it to keep not just myself but the family active.