Our Adventures in Getting Married w/ Not Just Any Old Day Calendar Key

For the most part jewelry hasn’t really been my thing. I wear my wedding ring but that is about it and that’s only here and there. With loosing weight it constantly rotates on my finger driving me batty. Plus with working out I always take it off so it doesn’t encourage a calluses when lifting weights. Thankfully my hubs understands and doesn’t make a big deal out of it. The other day I had the chance to check out Not Just Any Old Day jewelry and was pleasantly surprised. It is nice to have something with our wedding date on as the journey to get married always has me in stitches.

Almost 9 years ago I remember the trouble we had getting married from the beginning. We had to wait for the courts in Oregon to finalize his divorce. Wait let me preface this that the “marriage” (if you could even use that term) was between two incredibly young kids one a Sailor immediately after deployment to a girl he met a couple nights before. Most girls would run away from this luggage, but still to this day I laugh at his lack of judgement. The so called marriage lasted a whole 10 month and 3 of those were spent trying to get divorce. Anyways in Oregon, uncontested divorces take only 30 days. So when we decided to get married after almost a year of living together/dating; I planned for us to get married in September.

I printed all the necessary docs, we filled them out, we sent them to her to sign and file with the filing fees 2 months before September. September 1st rolls around and I call the courthouse to get finalized dated only to find out they sent the forms back with her because they were missing a signature. It was the middle of September at this point.

Wait a couple of weeks before calling the courthouse again. This time we find out the judge is on a family vacation and since her town is small there are no other judges available to deal with divorces for two weeks.

At this point I’m starting to lose my cool. We had changed the wedding date 4 times and we just told everyone we knew there wasn’t going to be a wedding. Finally after more arguments than were needed, a lot of tears flung by me, trying to deal with this alone because he was on the ship in the middle of the Pacific, I was fed up. I called one more time. This time I was at work, attached to a headset as I worked the front desk of a mechanical plant.

It’s funny how we remember these things, me hiding in the supply closet behind my desk on a chilly October day, headset cord stretched to it’s max and me hoping that 1. I get a date of the divorce being finalized and 2. No one comes into the office. The clerk was super nice and I’m sure she was tired of me calling but if I were in person that day I would have picked her up in a huge bear hug when she did confirm that it was signed, approved and the judge backdated the date for us. I screamed with joy, my other lines lit up from other offices wondering if I was okay.

Within a weeks time we planned our wedding. Te kids and my mom with us at the Rose Garden in Balboa Park. It was a great day even with all the headaches we, err I went through. And now when November 5th comes along I find myself laying in bed every morning on that day laughing hysterically at the stupidity and simpleness of our lives back then.

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