P3 Portable Protein Pack: A Wholesome Grab & Go Snack


Getting up at 0430 is not the easiest. Originally I thought that the biggest hurdle was going to be the actual part of getting up. Surprisingly it’s not. Actually ensuring that I eat enough to keep myself going through the day, has been the most challenging effort. Don’t get me wrong we have food in the house and could snack all day long on stuff. But now, it’s just not the most nutritious. By 0900 I’m dragging and desperately getting the urge to head down the hill to grab an energy drink. When 2pm rolls around I’m a straight zombie! Isn’t it sad when we know something is bad for us but yet still consume it because of the short perk it gives us? My hub is always on my case reminding me to up my intake of foods. I’m trying to lose weight and here he is encouraging me to eat more nuts, cheeses, and meat. Sounds counter productive right? But it’s not! The more we burn the more we need to replenish with. That is what makes the new P3 Portable Protein Packs, by Oscar Mayer, so great.

Back in the day the Hubs went on some strict diet and part of it was being limited to a certain amount of protein for snack. You should have heard me laughing up a storm as he would cut the small pieces up and count them out before placing them in a baggy. Fast Forward a couple of years and we’re right back to the ridiculousness of figuring out portion sizes for our snacks. But who really has time for all that? I wish I had time to just stare out the window.  The P3 Packs help a ton on saving time by providing me an alternative option for ensuring that I consume enough protein in the day.

Here’s a little fact: Did you know that after water your body is primarily made up of protein? There are three nutrients that give calories to our body, and proteins are one of the three. All day long no matter what we are doing, we are burning through protein. So it’s important to continually replenish often. These nutritious snacks are loaded; seriously! Each one is full of 13 grams of protein in portion controlled servings.

You can find P3 Portable Protein Packs at your local Wal-mart. They’re readily available in the refrigeration section with all the sandwich meats. They were actually pretty easy to spot out.  And best of all they’re now only a $1.00!! HUGE bonus for me as I picked up a load of them and hide them behind the beer in the basement fridge.

The flavors are DELISH! I’m a sucker for anything applewood smoked! It’s a good thing these come pre-packaged because I wouldn’t have been able to stop on the applewood smoked turkey or applewood smoked ham. The smoked turkey and rotisserie chicken breast were just as good, but when I love a certain flavor I have a hard time being fair to its counterparts.

While working, exercising, blogging, some freelancing, and managing the house; the packs help keep the energy flowing. They’re so accessible to eat. One would think that just because they work from their house, they would eat regularly. No not even close. I can find myself skipping meals because I don’t have the time makes meals and clean up while on shift. But the packs make it easy for me to still get a nutritious snack when I’m on the clock.  I even had one while doing the laundry the other day when I realized that I still had 5 hours till dinner time and was starving. The other day, I even sat in the gym parking lot enjoying the slow roasted turkey breast with my shake before heading home.

Best of all they don’t take up space, as their small size makes them convenient to stash. Another healthy choice we made last year was to move my desk downstairs. Yes it gives more room in the living but leaves me lacking a place to work from. So… I got a new stability ball, commandeered ‘tyn’s highchair and voilà! A make shift desk. There’s not a lot of room for working, but it helps with my posture and keeps me off the computer when I’m not working. And a plus, sitting on a ball keeps me awake for fear of falling over!

How do you keep yourself going on long days? Share your tips or tricks because I would love to learn more!