Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle: Fights the Grime – #MrCleanMorePower

* This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Mr. Clean

Trying to clean up after all the kids, 2 dogs, 2 rabbits and a husband who can be just as bad as everyone combined is difficult at times. It’s never ending always picking up the floors, vacuuming, laundry. This cold season has been really difficult for us and everyone I know in town. The germs just keep recycling themselves. One way I’ve been able to keep my sanity is by using Mr. Clean Meadows & Rain Multi-Purpose when I’m cleaning the bathrooms and floors. Just recently a new Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle has hit the shelves. Boy was I elastic when I found out it comes in my favorite scent ever. {You can read this as I squealed in the cleaning aisle and embarrassed the hubs}

I know we should go to greener cleaning products but I just haven’t. I have with our laundry stuff, I have when it comes to the cloth diapers, I have with the pet stain issues too but when it comes to saying good bye to Mr. Clean I just can’t. I have a long standing attachment to the bald guy and his wonders in our house. He makes my heart sing. I’m sorry, I can’t deny it.

Mr. Clean, Liquid Muscle, Cleaner, Household cleaners, sponsored

(Because mud on the walls isn’t enough for mom to clean)

In general I hate cleaning. I do it out of necessity for our daily living but if it were up to me I would never do it. I’d rather be out and about, then worrying about spills, dirt, grime, and dust. Then throw in having to clean a bathroom that is shared with not just one man but a 7 year old distracted little guy and for the fun of it toss in a 21 month old little guy who has no desire to wear a diaper anymore and the bathroom has become a dreaded zone that sucks me in. Leaving me scrubbing for what feels like days. Oh don’t forget that the Teen and I’s hair is constantly shedding every time we shower or brush and Ash has a love for painting with toothpaste on the counter. Yeah you guessed it my work is more than cut out for me.

Mr. Clean, Liquid Muscle, Cleaner, Household cleaners, sponsored

I keep a spray bottle filled with Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle and water hanging from the shower door for easy access to spray counters in the morning and at night. But when it comes to the dreaded toilet cleaning Mr. Clean’s bucket comes in handy!

Mr. Clean, Liquid Muscle, Cleaner, Household cleaners, sponsored

Can I just say how much fun it is to have a bunch of children who love the mud, come inside to use the bathroom, then paint the wall with their dirty fingers and then run off to keep playing without telling me? You would think I would be used to finding mud marks on the wall but nope still doesn’t stop making my heart stop for a minute thinking it’s not mud but something else. A squirt of Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle does a great job of tackling these muddy messes. #MrCleanMorePower also is great for when it’s been raining out and everyone just junks their wet muddy boots by the door. The linoleum goes back to as white as it can get in a flash.

Mr. Clean, Liquid Muscle, Cleaner, Household cleaners, sponsored

If you’ve got a busy household and have to spot clean multiple times a day, I highly suggest tossing the paper towels and gab yourself some rags. Every time I buy new towels the old ones get cut up into reusable rags that are always on hand for quick grabbing. If you’re craftier you can even check out your local fabric store for prints to match your decor or to spruce up the place. It’s a great way to cut down on your waste, save you some dollars, and best of all you just toss ‘em into your next load when you’re doing laundry!

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How do you handle your dirtiest cleaning jobs? Have any tips or tricks to share?