Fitness Friday: Still Enjoying the Gym & Sweating

Woohoo it’s Friday. For not working much it still feels like this week just dragged on. We missed 2 days from the gym thanks to the germs invading the house again. Have I mentioned how over I am of everyone being sick? Because even if I have, I am completely and utterly over the Flu. It can find a new house to annoy.

I decided to throw my trust in my husband for a change and let him set up our workout for the week. Not too bad, although I still think he is out to kill me on some weights. But like he keeps reminding me, if I don’t at least try to increase my weights then I will never keep pushing and breaking through. So we’ve come up with an agreement. I’ll try his suggested weights for at least 5 reps if at any time it looks like I can’t do it properly or I’m hurting then we go back to my original weight. I can live with that for now.

Tuesday was a bad day I think he knew he was getting sick because we didn’t work very hard. Hit the elliptical first and then his back was bothering him so we tried the bikes. Hmm yeah those things are no joke! You think you’re just sitting and enjoying a leisurely bike ride and bam next thing you know you’re thighs are burning, you’re sweating and begging to go home. lol  Thursday I made up my own workout since Hubs couldn’t come and he was “ignoring” my texts asking him to send me the one he made up. It worked my tush that’s for sure.

Set 1 / 3 Rounds

  • Barbell Deadlift Squats 10/10/12 {45lb bar}
  • Rest

Set 2 / 3 Rounds

  • Barbell Stiff leg lift 10/10/12 {45lb bar}
  • Raised dumbbell walking lunges 11/10/12 {10lbs per dumbbell}
  • Rest

Set 3 / 3 rounds

  • Tricep Dips 5 / 6/ 10 <– having carpel tunnel makes these and pushups hurt so much
  • Standing Calf Raises 10 / 10 / 12 {45lb bar + 50lbs.}
  • Rest

Set 4 / 3 Rounds

  • Laying Leg Raises 10/10/10
  • Crunches 10/8/10
  • Oblique crunches 20/20 {left & right each}
  • Adduction – green band 15/15 {left & right each}
  • Abduction – green band 15/15 {left & right each}
  • Rest
  • Yoga Stretches Cool Down

That had me dripping in sweat when I left the gym and of course I didn’t take my bag with me so I had to stop at the store and head home sweaty and smelly. Ugh shame shame on me. Today is getting away from me and I really need to get a hold on it so I can stop by for a small run before dinner tonight.


How did your week of getting up and moving go?