Nutri-Grain Fruit & Oat Harvest Simplify Breakfast On the Go – #NGHarvest

The other day the Hubs had a couple of medical appointments at the Veteran’s Hospital in Roseburg. Unfortunately it’s almost a 2 and half hour drive to get there when the weather’s nice and you don’t get stuck behind the logging trucks. Somehow we overslept and were in a rush to get out the door. And we all know rushing causes no breakfast being made because I was too busy throwing socks and shoes at everyone, while barking orders on what to take with us. Thankfully I grabbed Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain’s Fruit & Oat Harvest Bars. I already love the original Nutri-Grain bar, so I was very eager to try these.

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Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Fruit & Oat Harvest bars are full of whole grain, providing real fruit and 4 grams of protein per bar to ensure that adults won’t just starve during the morning but will thrive. I am always talking about how breakfast is important, not just on here but to the kids as well. These bars are a nice alternative when we’re on the go instead of grabbing something heavy and fattening from a drive thru.

We didn’t make it but 20 minutes down the highway before Ash was pipping up in the back about starving and dying for lack of food. When I held up the boxes she was ecstatic to see the choices, her two favorite flavors; Country Strawberry and Blueberry Bliss. My stomach didn’t make a peep for almost 4 hours! I told the hubs that we have to pick up more to toss in my gym bag for a snack on the way home after working out.

They are a fabulous mix of grains and fruit, plus unlike the regular Nutri-Grain bars, these Harvest Bars are firmer. They withstood being jostled around in my purse through the VA Hospital for over 5 hours and were still in one piece for snack time. As much as I love Nutri-Grain bars, those would have resulted into a crumble of a mess.

With the season changing, our family is heading into sports for the kids. Nutri-Grain Fruit & Oak Harvest will definitely be added to all our bags for an on the go breakfast or treat. And best of all you can pick these up at most retailers nationwide at the suggested retail price of $3.59.

What is your easy to grab on the go breakfast?