Warming Up w/ NewAir AH-600 Baseboard Heater

The house we rent was built back in 1942. The main level is small not too lavish but it’s workable for our family for now. The bedrooms have small baseboard heaters for warmth but that is all we have for heat electric wise. The main part of the house (living room, bathroom, kitchen and laundry room) have to rely on the wood stove for heat. Unfortunately there is a HUGE draw back to having a wood stove as your main source of heat. When it is cold and you do not have a fire going you are COLD. And contrary to belief just because you start a fire in the stove, doesn’t mean you’re warm right that minute. It takes an average 45 minutes to get the upstairs bare able in the morning. When NewAir offered a chance to review their AH-600 Baseboard Heater I jumped at the chance!

The AH-600 was so slim and compact. Originally pulling it out of the box I was wondering if it would do the trick. Oh yes it does! It works it’s magic for me warming up the living room and some of the hallway while I’m working to get the fire going in the stove. The 1500 watt heater can heat up a 250 square feet space in a short period of time.

NewAir, AH-600, heater, baseboard

It’s multiple custom comfort options are great. Located on the front of the heater you can set your optimal heat level. It contains an internal thermometer that allows for you to choose from 64, 70, and 75 degrees. Alternatively you can also choose to set it base on length of time, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, or 4 hours. Safety wise there is a automatic 7.5 hour timer and then it will auto shut-off.

The fact that the NewAir AH-600 heater is low profile, with a matte black finish works great with any decor. It doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. It’s small compact design would even fit great in the in-laws camp trailer without taking away living space.

As a mom I worry a lot about the kids and fires, especially with the stove. I hate leaving fires going over night because i’m always afraid the door will somehow burst open and a flame will go rouge causing a fire. (Unlikely, I know). I’m so afraird of the kids burning their hands with heaters or knocking them over while their playing. This baseboard heater allows me to have some peace of mind when I walk out of the room to grab laundry or something. It has an automatic shut off if the unit or room starts to overheat. The mesh metal covers the heating elemtns and doesn’t get hot. Which is great for curious little hands like ‘Tyns. The heat felt is from the elements and you feel it way before you touch the mesh, but the mesh doesn’t get hot just warm.

NewAir, AH-600, space heater, heater

I put off writing this review because I was very curious how much of an increase we would see on our electric bill. We’ve been using the NewAir AH-600 for about a month now. I only saw about a $26 hike; BUT to be honest, I can’t tell if it’s because of the baseboard heater or because of our genius children who leave their lights and TV going downstairs when they come upstairs or we leave the house.

I won’t stop using the heater because it makes my mornings bearable while I’m fighting to get a fire going. I don’t have to huddle in a hoodie and sweats paired with my robe to keep from freezing. Okay maybe a slight over exaggeration but you know when you’re cold it doesn’t matter what level of cold you are at, if it’s cold and it is morning you are freezing.