Fitness Friday: Dirty Dashes and 4:30 AM Wake Up Calls

I meant to write this about 4 weeks ago but I never did. Why? Because a part of me was scared to actually say it out loud. To publicly admit that I cleared out my stash of fun funds and registered for Oregon’s Dirty Dash in June. Mainly a part of me was scared but mostly I was sad that I was going to be doing it alone. That part was more frightful then the concept of actually doing an obstacle course. Fast forward 2 weeks; sitting at a local Mexican restaurant enjoying a beer with fresh tortilla chips. Sharing the night with  the company of my overly tired and grumptastic husband when I just kind of spit it out. I was excepting the raised high brow followed by the “ohhhhh okay” comment that always follows every hair brain idea I come up with. Instead his reply surprised me, asking if there was slots still available. We kinda just dropped the topic because we were too busy people watching until the next morning. I happened to see the Dirty Dash added more heats and that’s when I did it again. I bought him a spot and changed my heat to his! I’m still in awe that he was supportive. Ideally I would LOVE to get our Teen a spot too but it’ll have to wait for another payday.

In other news, I was >< that close to canceling my membership to the gym because no matter what I did or how many times I tried I could never get there. Always someone sick, in-law’s who offered to sit would cancel, the Teen had newspaper responsibilities, the hubs was on business trips. I had broken down in a fit of pity party sent the Hubs while he was on a business trip a pretty lengthy cry text about how miserable I am, I hate my weight, blah blah blah. He just responded with “alright”. Yeah real nice way to respond.

But when he got home we had a real talk about everything. Neither of us are happy. So with that we have spent the past two weeks getting up at 0430 and hitting the gym at 0445 together. There are obvious pros and cons to working out with your husband, at the moment my negatives are pretty petty:

1. He calls me out on my lack of game. I have known for a while now that I really should be increasing my weights when I do squats. But I haven’t because I was too scared of that nasty pain when you first work out. He won’t hear of it and bumped me up. I’m glad he did but the first week I just wanted to never leave our bed.

2. He does not hit the snooze button. EVER. I on the other hand have a love obsessive relationship with the snooze.

3. He doesn’t like doing cardio with weight training. Ugh I like moving while I’m lifting. Nope he’s a straight lifter. 2 more weeks his way then we get to switch it to mine.

4. Did I mention that he does not have a relationship with the snooze button?! Getting up at 0430 every morning and not touching my pillow again till around 2145 (9:30pm) is running me ragged!