Dino Dan Trek’s Adventures: Tyrannosaurus Trek DVD {Review & Giveaway}

One the things I have come to love about today’s shows for kids is being able to use them to further educate. I know for many, kid shows are just a way to keep our kids glued to the TV and not out moving. Thankfully our family is pretty well-balanced between sports, school, 4H and vegging time. So when the rain starts pouring or we have lazy days after school, I don’t mind when we watch tv. Recently the kids introduced me to the reruns of Dino Dan. Remember the days when Jurassic Park was all the rage, well I have to admit I’m still stuck on the dinosaur rage. The unanswered questions and the hypotheses of what their life was back then is just absolutely mind-boggling. I was sad when they told me it was just reruns until I learned that Dan’s little brother Trek has discovered he has the ability to see dinosaurs!

Dino Dan Trek’s Adventures: Tyrannosaurus Trek

Trek learns that he can see dinosaurs just like his older brother Dan! His first dino experiment is to find out whether the Albertosaurus hunts in packs or on its own.  Then Grandma helps Trek with his homework for art class, and together they create a comic book entitled “Tyrannosaurus Trek” about a caveman superhero who saves all the dinosaurs when a volcano erupts.  Learn about how dinosaurs lived and thrived in the prehistoric era in these five dino-riffic adventures!

The DVD has 5 of the first episodes:

  • Team Dino
  • Use Your Dino Senses
  • Dino Climbers
  • Tyrannosaurus Trek
  • Trekoodon

Our Thoughts:

We loved it. The kids were happy to see the continued the adventures of seeing dinosaurs and learning more about them. I loved that this disk had the Pterodactylus and the Albertosaurus. They’re a couple of my favorite dino’s, especially since many people don’t know about the Albertosaurus as he’s overshadowed by his older “cousin” the T-Rex and doesn’t get the recognition he deserves.

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