Keepin’ My Tunes While I’m Moving: Tune Belt Armbands

The other day I was complaining about how when I clean the house or work out I usually have to shove my phone in my back pocket or in my bra. I had 2 different armbands but they both required my phone out of its case. Which is quite irritating when I keep my iPhone 5 in a Otterbox Defender case for a reason. Absolutely no questions asked, I refuse to take my phone out of the case unless it’s to clean the drool from ‘Tyn or the beach sand out of it.  For the longest time I thought it is almost impossible to find an arm band that will work with the Otterbox. Why? I don’t know! It really doesn’t make sense to me anyways when people carry theirs around like nothing. I’m a klutz. I have children who do not respect the boundaries of “mommy’s stuff”.  My fingers are like butta when I try to carry stuff.

So there I am complaining to just myself as this family tunes me out when it was brought to my attention that Tune Belt makes an armband for my case! Figured what the heck lets give this bad boy a shot. They even have others tailored to fit around other cases too which might I add is AhMAZING! Don’t worry if you’re a no case person; they’ve got ’em for you too. Well my skepticism went out the window when I slide my girl in the armband, Defender and all. The fit was like a glove.

My normal routine when going to the gym with my phone has always been sit down in the locker room, lay my hoodie in my lap. Pry my phone out of it’s case while praying it won’t fly in the air. Quickly slip her into an arm case that was either too small, too big or didn’t have the right holes for my headphones. Those days are long gone thanks to this series. I can now slip on, turn up the tunes and sweat in peace. It’s even great to have when I want to wash dishes or go on a cleaning spree without being disturbed. Isn’t it funny how when you wish someone was around to snap a picture of you there isn’t anyone? Yeah that was me the other day at the lake running with my Tune Belt. The armband stayed up the entire time. My old one has always slipped and it catches my skin when I try to tighten it. It is quite irritating and I’m grateful those days are behind me.

Let’s recap why you should like Tune Belt’s Armbands?

  • Fits many cases: Otter-box Defender, Commuter, Reflex, Commuter Wallet series, OtterBox 4/4s Defender/Commuter, LifeProof iPhone 4/4s cases, Mophe Juice Pack (air and plus) and others.
  • Can still use your phone through the clear protective window cover.
  • Securely store your earphone cord if you’re like me and still don’t have Bluetooth earbuds.
  • Reflective logo for when you’re out at night.
  • Washable!! Don’t let it hangout in sweat, keep it clean.
  • Adjustable armband that is comfortable for 9-17” biceps.
  • You can get an Extender should you have a larger arm too!


Should you be interested in grabbing one check them out on Amazon or visit their site to see the other armbands they have for other phone types.