Zulily’s Fitness Sales Continue with Running Apparel

Have you visited Zulily lately? I can’t believe I didn’t stop by last week! They have a fabulous running clothes line for sale. If you’re looking for a great deal check these out. Only 2 days left so now I need to see what is a “neccessity” and what is a “want”.

Here’s my dream list for the week.

1. Sugar Ray Arm Wallet $11.99. They have other basic black and white colors but I’d lying if I said that the pink doesn’t just speak volumes on your personality.

2. Carbon Slim-Fit Leggings – Women $19.99. I love wearing pants to run in but they have to be the narrow legged tight fitting. I have tried to run in my bootcut yoga pants and hmm yeah completely horrible. I ended up quiting.

3. Orange Glow Dandelion Racerback Tank – Women $11.99 Love the color of the tank. I’m not a huge fan of wearng regular t shirts to workout or run in. Tank tops are more my thing.

4. Spectrum Blue Fleece-Lined Jacket – Women $29.99. Personally don’t think one can ever have too many jackets.

5. Black & Wildberry Jaded Vision Capri Leggings – Women $19.9. And these little beauties have me drooling. Capri running leggings are my idea of heaven when I’m sweating. Don’t know why but they are.

Running gear isn’t your thing? There are a ton of other sales going on from shoes to Valentine’s Day decor and clothing to electronics.

Don’t miss out on Zulily‘s deals.