12 Must Have’s and then some for your Gym Bag

Every time I just “run” to the gym I find myself wishing I had this or that. So it’s become a routine, I just grab my bag and go. With an always packed bag I don’t worry about needing something not there and that makes for a time efficient workout. These are my 12 must have’s and then some for any gym bag.

Have water on hand. For me I have found that I need a bottle with a spout. Without one I have spilt ok more like dumped water on myself while running on the elliptical. yes I am that graceful.

Don’t chance your stuff being messed with. Bring a lock along. You can even grab one at the dollar stores. If you’re forgetful like me, I write the code of my lock on the inside of my shoe like the tongue. or I make a note of it on my phone.

Let’s not risk getting athlete’s foot. It’s not worth it. Have a spare pair of flip flops for showering.Plus just the concept of putting your clean feet on a ground that has a ton of bacteria is just well plain nasty.

If you don’t like calluses or the way your rings dig into your hands when using weights, get yourself a pair of gloves. They will save your palms and your grip will be so much better.

If you’re heading somewhere after the gym instead of straight home, throw your dirty clothes and towels in a wet bag, so that it’s not festering on the floor of your car or in your bag.

I like to completely drown myself in my world and hate listening to the grunts of others or even the idle gym gossip going around. Plus my gym plays almost elevator music during the day which makes me want to sleep instead of sweating. Therefore I always make sure to bring headphones. No better way to emerge myself.

Keep an extra deodorant in your arsenal. You don’t need some expensive brand. Hit up the dollar store and grab one, it’ll do the trick and save you some $$. Plus then you won’t have to constantly be remembering to take yours in and out of the bathroom.

While you’re in the gym, plug-in for a good jam session but put the internet up and don’t look at it. I have forgotten my arm strap and have had to hand carry my phone many times. I either end up dropping it or find myself slowly walking or sitting on the weight bench farting around Facebook. I have even tried to shove it in my sports bra for a complete disaster of it falling down and flying between my legs on the treadmill. Don’t be that girl, just get yourself an armband to hold your phone and strap yourself up.

Seems silly but I keep some extra dollar store razors. I absolutely hate getting to the gym to pull on a pair of shorts and see that I’ve got stubble because I forgot to shave within the last 24 hours.

Go buy an extra pack of hair ties and throw them in your bag. Do not take them out of the bag unless you’re at the gym or track or where ever and need one. I hate when I’m working out and my hair falls down because the current one broke.

Pack a spare change of clothes. Not just an extra set of regular clothes but gym clothes too. Reason being sometimes when you’re in a hurry and grab your bag to go if you haven’t checked it, chances are you might be missing something like socks, underwear, etc. Also I have found that I have planned to head home only to get a text from the hubs to head to the store or meet him somewhere while I’m working out. So I just keep an extra “I look cute shirt” with another pair of jeans or shorts depending on the weather.

Don’t forget the bras!! This could go with extra clothes but honestly this needs it’s own category. Always always keep an extra or two sports bras and regular bras i your bag. Nothing ruins your day then getting to the gym changing and finding out you have no bra. Or when you’re done and redressing to find your bra strap broke. Such is the woes of my life.

And finally, KT Tape is a huge must especially for my knees. It’s an ingenious new technique of taping your muscles and ligaments to aid with better movement and reducing pain.

What do you HAVE to have in your bag?