Getting Fit with Ozeri Rev Digital Bathroom Scale

Most of the time I’m anti-scale, but when it all boils down to it I can’t keep them out of my house. While continually trying to lose weight, drop inches, and reshape my health, a part of me really does like having a scale in the bathroom. Normally I don’t leave mine out because if I do no matter how much I try not to, I find myself stepping on it every day and that just defeats making healthy changes. However when I do want a scale I like to have one that is easy to use and ready to go. No stepping on, stepping off, stepping back on again. No toe tapping to get to the right profile. I just want to step on, see the readout and go. The Ozeri Rev Digital Bathroom Scale scale fits all my needs of ease and simplicity.

The Ozeri’s Rev Digital bathroom scale has a great bright LED dial that reminds me of a speedometer. Almost like a retro look to accessorize any bathroom. The glass platform is incredibly easy to clean. Which for me is a huge bonus seeing as how it collects all the kids spilt toothpaste, hairspray, body sprays, bathroom sprays. Unlike it’s counterparts that have textured platforms that trap all the bathroom ‘gunk’ making it difficult to clean.

The over sized glass platform is another bonus for people like me who have a wide stance without feeling like they are going to fall over. The scale measures up to 400 lbs. in both metric and kilograms. It uses a 4 high precision GZ sensors in increments of 0.2lbs / 0.1kg. The step on technology is extremely fast and provides a responds almost instantaneously upon stepping on.

Money saver right here, it only takes 3 AA batteries. I have found that the dollar store ones work just great. There is also another great feature that I love and that’s the timer. You can set it to go off once a day at the same time everyday.

Unfortunately the last feature that I like a lot is also one that I’m not a fan of either. I truly believe that having a scale during the weight loss battle can have negative impact if not used properly with the right mindset. Many believe you need to weigh yourself daily without realizing that your weight fluctuates hourly and daily. It’s almost pointless to weigh daily, however weighing once a week or every two weeks at the same time in the same manner (no clothes) is good.

With that said I still like the Ozeri Rev Digital Bathroom Scale and think it’s a good deal for your dollar.

What type of features do you look for in a bathroom scale?