Catch the Moment 365: A simple week one #catchthemoment365OJSA

I spend so much of my day rushing. Being engulfed in my chaos and rushing through life trying to get us all to the next step without really ever stopping to enjoy the bumps, bruises, and smiles that got us there. I think participating in “Catch the Moment 365″  every week hosted by Behind the Camera and Dreaming, Nurse Loves Farmer, and Simply Stavish is what I need. A fun and easy way to be reminded that even when I think we’re failing, when I feel overwhelmed and under appreciated, the moments that I’m blessed with will stand out and to force me to slow down again to smile.

And while I’m at it, I’m going to make my own hashtag! That obnoxious thing that while it drives us all batty, connects us all in the vast internet world. #catchthemoment365OJSA

January 1st: New Year’s Day Hangover Laziness

If you haven’t noticed by now the majority of my pics are taken with my iPhone5. I always say I’m going to take more with my Canon but to be perfectly honest, it is so much easier to snap a pic with my phone during the day then grab my camera. I really shouldn’t be allowed to say I own a Canon. It’s such a travesty passing it up for the iPhone.

January 2nd: My awesome rockin’ lock!

January 3rd: Getting back on track to ramp this place back into shape