Between Me & You: Relationship Keepsake Journals #holidaygiftguide

Relationships go through many changes with highs and lows. No relationship is ever the same as it was before, no matter how much we wish we could go back in time. Between Me & You journals help persevere all the things we wish we could say or even better keep locked up to look back on during the hard times.

Sand Dune Publishing Company has come out with a great heartfelt line of keepsake journals to give to those special people who mean something to you. Each journal has a hard cover with an easy turn spiral binding, no worry about pages getting snagged like in the notebooks you use in school. You can choose between 15 different books:





Family Reunion







I decided to do the books backwards. The original idea is to give it to a loved one, have them fill it out and give it back. Instead I am filling them out and then giving the journals to the intended person. My reasoning is that right now, we are in a fragile time with our teen, she’s incredibly stubborn like me and her dad. It’s terrifying sometimes how alike we are. She’s hit a point just recently where everything that is said goes in one ear and out the other. But I firmly believe and pray that with this journal when she’s in her room, feeling like we’re the worst parents ever; she can open it up and know that no matter what we love her and will always be there for her.

If you write big like me, don’t worry about space. There is lots of room to write; even with my kindergartner script as the hubs calls it.Each book measures 6 ½” x 7 ¼ ” and contains 35 – 45 fun-to-ask and fun-to-answer questions. The questions were fun, not always the typical ones you’d expect to see like “what’s your favorite memory of me?”, instead there were ones such as “Did you ever get upset with your parents?”. Which was great since we’re in the midst of a long punishment with the teen. It was nice to stop, write out my thoughts about my own past without all the “caught in the moment” emotions getting away while trying to talk not yell with her.


You can pick up these amazing Between Me and You journals at Sandune Publishing