Yummi Pouch: Rinse + Reuse + Refill #reusable #holidaygiftguide

When the pouch craze first started I really didn’t buy into it. The idea of easy to grab pouches for the kids and myself seemed like a great idea but the waste bugged me. We are at a point in our world that our carbon imprint is effecting not just our children but our great grand kids as well. Just recently the black rhinoceros was confirmed extinct. I mean seriously how does that not just make you sit and think about where we are heading and what will be left for our future generations. So why continue to buy pouches that are going to be tossed in the trash in less then 5 minutes and don’t even have an option to reuse them like you can with baby food jars.

When I came across Yummi Pouch my views changed completely. These things were BPA-Free and reusable. How can I not want to give them a run? Now here’s a funny story about these and my experience. Might I point out that all of this could have been avoided had I taken the time to read the instructions on them. They came about 2 maybe 3 weeks ago and I was sooo incredibly excited to give them a whirl. The kids saw them and were begging to have snack time with them. But I kept telling them “no, mommy had to get a funnel thingy”. Of course in our small town I couldn’t find a small one to save not just my soul but my pets as well.

So I did what any “normal” person does and put them on the back burner with a not so sticky mental note to find a funnel online to buy. Days pass into weeks and the kids found them again, this time they snuck them downstairs to play with. After gathering them all up I happened to feel a ridge on the bottom of one of them. And that is where the “Here’s your sign” started flashing!

How in the world did I NOT notice that these pouches had an easy to open zip-lock bottom for quick, no mess fills? As soon as I noticed that I pulled the kids fruit out of the freezer and smoothie making session commenced.

The Yummi Pouches are dishwasher safe, which is great for those with dishwashers. However they were very easy to wash by hand and the teen didn’t even complain. Win right there! Even though the temps are dropping and we spend many nights huddled under blankets with the fire going, I love that these pouches are freezer safe. I have plans to make some slushies for a movie night with the kids. Plus the prospect of using them during the summer has got me giddy!

I get peace of mind letting the kids love them as they are BPA and Phthalate free. No worries about them getting toxins from the plastic. And best of all they are recyclable and fully CPSP compliant! They won’t harm our planet. Another win!

They offer two different sizes; 6 oz and 10 oz. The sizes are perfect for the kids as I think the 10 ounce pouch is way too much for our little guy ‘Tyn and the 6 ounce was not enough Ash or Sy.

When you are on the go the green durable neoprene insulated pouch keeps them colder and the condensation separated. That was a nice added bonus since they normally get tossed into my purse as we head out the door.

After thinking about it some, you can even add soup and use the neoprene pouch as a great way to carry them without burning your fingers.

Get them!

You can buy the 4 pack brights for $14.99  or the original 6 pack for $14.99. Looking for the 10 ounces? They’re currently on sale for $7.99