Lenz-a-Hand: Easy to use SLR/DSLR Camera accessory – #lenzahand #holidaygiftguide

I would DIE to say I have mastered my DSLR, but I’d be lying. I can’t even make it through the first couple pages of any of the 5 photography books that have been gifted upon me since the purchase of my beloved Canon. To be honest, they bore me to death. But that doesn’t stop me from snapping away, changing settings, and having fun. My mom was kind enough a couple years back to give me her Tamron telephoto lens and while it takes amazing pictures and gives me the feel of being a papparazzi, I hate using it because it’s so long and big.  I have to use a tripod to keep from having blurry pictures and I hate lugging that thing around with me. See another sign I’m not a photographer.

Then I found Lenz-A-Hand. It helps stabilize my camera for use in my hand or when I prop it up on something to take a selfie. It is insanely lightweight, fits nicely into my back pocket when walking about and mind boggling easy to use. The Velcro straps adjust to fit all lens of sizes.

Another plus to the Lenz-A-Hand; it’s great for those with limited hand mobility as it evenly distributes the weight of both the camera and lens. Fabulous for my carpel tunnel! The handle even comes off for easy storage in your camera bag. However I am not so savy to figure that part out and had to ask the teen to assist. That caught for some great laughs. If you know of anyone who is a photographer or likes to dabble in photography or maybe even yourself; this would be a great inexpensive present to give. You purchase it for a respective $39.95.

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