Plugged in or out: Where do you stand?

 NaBloPoMo Novemeber Prompts

Taking a moment out to participate in another NaBloPoMo challenge! As the days, months and years progress in life I have become a very plugged-in person. For a while I was so incredibly plugged in that I spent more time checking into locations, movies, writing reviews on the different businesses we visited then actually enjoying the people and experiences around me.

Working from home 8 hours a day 5 to 6 days a week obviously didn’t help either. Then when I got off work did I actually turn it all off and go off the grid? Nope instead I would dive deeper because it was “my” time vs work’s time to play on Facebook or read the newest blog posts.

Image source: from Naypong

Image source: from Naypong

Now I’m happy to say I went from being plugged in on average of no less than 18 hours a day to an average 8 to 10 depending on if I’m working or spending time after bedtime to come right over here.

The key to it all I have learned is balance and scheduling my time. No longer do I get off work and continue to sit in my little spot on the floor for 5 hours surfing the net. Nope I get off, shut down and take care of the family. I do not come back on until after they kids go to bed unless it’s absolutely necessary.

On my days off of work, I come on in the mornings after the oldest leave for school for a couple of hours. That’s the little kids and I’s time to enjoy snuggle time while living it up in our pj’s before we take on the day.

And Sundays are 100% off the grid no blogging, no working, with a occasional Facebooking when the little ones are napping or I am sitting in the truck waiting on the hubs to make it back to me from the store. That I don’t count really because trying to keep up on everyone off your phone doesn’t really take all my attention.

In the grand scheme of things, I know my time is still huge, but it’s an major improvement. I stopped checking in everyone on 4square or Facebook, Yelping my love or hatred was cut down too. Limiting my time down has made me realize I do miss out on a lot while I’m too busy checking my phone or Mac to see what the newest notification ding is about.

What about you? How plugged in are you lately? Are you happy with the time you spend online?

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is a multi-tasking WAH mom of many and wife to a U.S. Vet turned trucker. She enjoys blogging here as her means of being accountable on her journey of fitness & health; and well let's be honest it's a source of keeping her sanity. She loves to cook, social media and going on adventures to explore nature with her family. Providing 100% honest product/company reviews is also her way of sharing the things that she truly believes in.


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