Tasti-Lee Tomatoes: Staying fresh from the vine to our plate

For some reason lately Ash has given up her apple love and has taken up tomatoes. I can not keep them in stock in the house. Between ‘Tyn’s banana love, Sy’s green pepper addiction, the Teen’s cucumber obsession and now Ash’s tomato fixation I really need to think about putting my words to action this coming spring and build a garden.

Tasti-Lee’s Tomatoes are absolutely delicious. They are vine ripened and NON-GMO! They are chalked full of Lycopene, almost 50% more. These bad boy tomatoes are incredibly juicy. They’re made to stay on the vine until they are perfectly ripe and ready to be picked. They even stay firm and tasty all the entire time to your plate.

These poor tomatoes did not stand a chance to live in our fridge for very long. I think both packs were gone in less then a day. I have to fight with Ash to even let me cut them up for her. She prefers to just grab, chomp, and run off with them.

Even though I’m still on the fence on finding the love for tomatoes, Tasti-Lee’s were a treat. They were sweet and juicy and I did enjoy them. Loved the cute apron they sent with the package. Sy promptly commandeered it be his and his only.

Have you heard of Tasti-Lee Tomatoes before?

I haven’t and now that I know about them I have asked 2 of our grocers if they can get some. I am also going to check with our local food co-op and see what they can help with.