Book Cover Art: Does it Make or Break Your Choice? {NaBloPoMo}

The teen and I had an interesting discussion the other day over books, book covers, and eBooks. Oddly as the years slip past me, I have found that while the love is still there for the smell of a new book being cracked open in a quiet room alone; I much prefer reading eBooks. They are so much easier to keep track of, not lose my place and the kids don’t write in them anymore. Whereas she prefer the “old school” method of hunting out the perfect book in the store or at the library. I just remind her it’s only because she doesn’t have kids and when time to sneak in a few pages here and there becomes overshadowed by laundry, food prep, paying bills and being a chauffeur, it will only be then that she will realize the ease and joy I find out of eBooks.

However throughout our debate we both agreed on one thing: book covers are essential to us picking one to read. I really don’t get how anyone back in the days of solid covers and gold title lettering ever decided on what book to actually read. They were so boring and dull. Now every book you look at can almost be used as the cover for a featured film, drawing you into crack it open and dive into whatever realm the book’s in.

Sources: Virgin Heat // Hall of the Mountain King // Magick of Camelot // Portal 2212 (Byond 2212)

Although there have been quest a few times I must admit that I picked some books based solely on the covers and was left in a world of headaches, confusion, and silent pleads for the story to end. There are many websites devoted solely to calling these books out but here are a couple of my favorites. By the time we were done we had tears rolling down our checks. How anyone signed off on some of these is beyond our understanding but we’re thankful they did. Without them we wouldn’t have enjoyed the half hour of giggling and cracking jokes together without the little kids. Teen and mom time mission was a success!