Fitmark: Women’s Sport Tote Review

Working out at home has it’s advantages and disadvantages. One of them was when I have the urge to hit the gym, or want to run at the track on my way home from doing errands I never really have anything to put my stuff in. I would just use a grocery store bag to toss my gear in, or just toss it loosely on the front seat of the truck and be on my way. Not a decent solution when my dirty sneakers would transfer the wet grass onto my seats or clothes, my stinky gym gear would sit there festering next to me as I made my way home. If I ran at the track across the river, I would stop at the in laws to shower before heading anywhere. That would mean bottles of shampoo, body wash, lotions getting left in the truck until the kids would find them to create their own fun.

After receiving a lucky opportunity to try Fitmark’s Sport Tote out, I was delighted to move up in the world. Their Sport Tote is everything they claim and more. They do not spare you on style that is for sure. It could be just me, but I’m almost positive the color changes as you move from one source of light to another. In our kitchen it was a bright shade of purple, outside it got a deeper hint as you can see in the picture. In the truck it was back to being bright again. I don’t mind at the least, as I felt it added character to the bag and myself. I could fit almost a three day mini trip worth of clothes in there and still have room for my personal hygiene paraphernalia. The water bottle sleeve inside was a bonus in my book. I used to have a gym bag that kept the bottle on the outside and everything I moved the condensation would transfer onto me, or my favorite was when the bottle would slip out while picking up the kids to carry out of the house. With the pocket on the inside I didn’t have to worry about that. The bag for your shoes is well genius really. Who really likes putting their stinky dirty shoes in their bag with their clean towel or clothes? I know one thing I don’t and never have. I’ve always carried them with me even though I thought it was gross.

Fitmark is dedicated solely to providing quality and fashionable bags to anyone who loves sports and fitness. Located in the beautiful city of San Francisco they are delivering to both, men and women, sturdy bags that have style and will fit any personality and level of fitness. The colors are vibrant that just demand attention no matter what room you walk into.

The Sport Tote’s features:

  • Separate bags for your shoes and dirty laundry with anti-microbial protection
  • Soft lined pockets with separate sections; place to put your phone, personal hygiene stuff, keys, etc.
  • Rear, detailed zippered utility pocket
  • Incredibly comfortable handles with a touch of flair with custom detailed stitching
  • Fit-All™ Executive-class main compartment for all your needs
  • Fit-Color™ custom interior with hand-selected colorway
  • Ergonomic and fully adjustable shoulder straps with custom detailed stitching
  • Highly polished, custom nickel-coated clips and harnesses
  • Custom leather zipper pulls
  • Enforced custom nickel-coated rivets with logo detail
  • Soft leather Fitmark™ emblem with detailed stitching
  • Three luscious colors: Black, Lavender, Honeysuckle


You can purchase the sport tote, any of their other amazing fitness bags or their meal management systems Fitmark’s website.

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