Soapbox Holistics Shop: Returning back to the basics

This summer I’ve been, hmm what’s the word, enlightened on the benefits of ditching the main brand health and beauty products for a more natural alternative. While I haven’t given everything up all at once, I am finding brands here and there that I’m enjoying. Christine of Fancy Cloth Baby has another store called Soapbox Holistics! An entire product line of natural, chemical free, products that deliver a better punch to your body care regime then you can find on the shelves of a major brand store.

Fiercely Fresh Deodorant: Their long-lasting formula will neutralizes odors, contains anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties, while nourishing your skin. LOVE that it is %100 Aluminum, Paraben, Propylene Glycol and Sulfate Free! They’re made in limited batches to ensure that every order is fresh and will be at it’s best for each order. Comes in 5 great scents to suit everyone: Lavender Tea Tree, Ginger Citrus, Lumberjack (Wintergreen, Camphor and Pine), and Unscented (Naturally smells faintly of coconut and tea tree).

Callus Cathy Therapeutic Leg & Foot Scrub: Been on your feet for a long time? Pamper yourself with this beautiful blend of brown sugar, organic virgin coconut, tea tree oil, and a natural pumice powder. This scrub will clean, exfoliate, refresh, and moisture those tired feet of yours. You can get the Callus Cathy Therapeutic Leg & Foot Scrub in 2 different scents: Lavender Tea Tree or Peppermint

Luscious Lola Body Butter: After you’ve pampered your feet with Soapbox Holistic’s leg and foot scrub you can slather yourself up with this incredibly luscious body body that will restore the moisture your skin has been craving for. For a bonus kaolin clay is infused to assist with leaching out the toxins out of your body.

My Thoughts:

LOVE is not a strong enough word for what I feel for Soapbox Holistics products. The lavender is a much needed element in my daily life. My constant high strung personality needs lavender to provide the calm that I’m always missing. With fall in full swing my skin is drying out faster then I can lather myself up. With Luscious LoLa though I don’t have to as often as I normally do. Leaves me not greasy, not sticky, and smelling great as it nourishes my thirsty skin. When I’m home I hate wearing shoes. Doesn’t matter how cold it is barefoot is the only way I go. So you can just imagine how bad my feet and feels get torn up walking on carpet, cement in the garage, outside to pick up poo or run the trash to the can. Callus Cathy Foot Scrub has really helped at shower time to smooth out the roughness I subject them too.

Now I will admit I was very standoffish when I looked at the Fiercely Fresh Deodorant. When I workout I sweat horribly. I don’t even like being in the room with me when I’m done. Everyone knows do not get between me and the shower, but Fiercely Fresh didn’t let me down. I am also really pleased with how smooth my underarms were after a week of using Soapbox Holistics deodorant. No bumps or irritations.

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