Fancy Cloth Baby: Ditching the Disposables for a cloth diaper review

Somehow, someway we were lucky enough to receive a beautiful Hello Kitty One Sized Fitted  diaper made by the talented Fancy Cloth Baby‘s Christine. Not sure about some, but I try not to be too gender bias when it comes to cute adorable fluff. My philosophy is who really sees their diaper outside of the house, and does it really matter as long as it does it’s purpose without an issue?

Oh be still my heart it was so cute I almost didn’t put it on ‘Tyn to keep it in excellent condition. The outside of Fancy Cloth Baby’s Hello Kitty is comprised of a cotton-Lycra blend that is pre-printed with colorful Hello Kitty, rainbows, and cloud images. One thing I really liked about FCB’s one size is that it has snap closures. ‘Tyn has a horrible habit of pulling his Velcro diapers or covers off and then is wandering around nekkies. Not that I mind terribly but I never find it fun to step in a baby surprise. FCB’s snaps allow for custom fitting, as you can tighten the waist while loosening the legs or vice versa. The trim on the leg gussets was perfectly done with a not so tight elastic that would cause those nasty red indentations on their legs.

The inside is like running your hands on a cloud, incredibly soft with complimenting bold red. Fancy Cloth Baby’s inserts are comprised of two 6 layers of hemp, organic cotton, and velour fabric. These two inserts are giving you 2 diapers in one really. Day use if you like to have a thinner midsection on your little one and a thicker more absorbent diaper at night to last longer. If you can easily use any type of stay dry liner of your liking with her diapers as well. No these diapers are not 100% waterproof unless you pair it up with a waterproof cover, but with the cuteness factor in play letting your little one run around with no cover to enjoy the print is perfectly acceptable and encouraged. All of Christine’s diapers have a 4 step rise. For me that is a HUGE bonus as that allows for the diaper to grow with your baby, ultimately giving you more bang for your buck!

Pair Fancy Cloth Baby diapers up with their Soapbox Holisticss wipe solution. A special blend of jojoba, olive, and virgin coconut oils paired with anti-inflammatory calendula, lavender, and chamomile. Throw in some drops of tea tree oil to work it’s antiseptic magic and you got a natural wipe solution that will last a long time while keeping your baby’s tush clean.


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