Hemp Milk vs. Almond Milk: The Milk Alternatives

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The other week I had posted 6 Reasons to Rethink Cow’s Milk and giving you some reasons as to why I am eliminating it from Austyn’s and mine’s diet all together, with the hopes of perusing the rest of the fam-bam to follow suit. I received a couple of emails asking about what is so beneficial about hemp milk versus almond milk and thought it was a perfect opportunity to share with you all. In general they are pretty much the same in the way they are processed; blended up with water added to the consistency of your liking. But their actual components is what separates the two.

For those who are sensitive to cows milk can drink Hemp Milk without an issue as it is easier to digest. The genetic makeup of hemp seeds is absent of the causes to migraines and gastric distress.

You can find the following benefits in each 8 ounce serving:

  • 900 mg Omega 3 Fatty Acids
  • 2800 mg Omega 6 Fatty Acids
  • 10 essential amino acids
  • Vitamin B12, A, E, and D
  • Folic Acid
  • Magnesium
  • Immune system boost

Don’t know about you but I’ve never really liked the “thinness” to cow’s milk. Hemp milk has a thicker nuttier taste.

While almonds have a lot of benefits to them and make a great alternative to cow’s milk they do have some draw backs that I would suggest cause for anyone to look at seriously. They are still a better alternative to cow’s milk any day though.


  • Do you have high blood pressure? The potassium found in almonds help maintain and reduce possible heart disease
  • Maintining cells in our bodies is due to Vitamin E and almonds are full of ’em
  • Helping our bones and teeth stay strong is due to magnesium
  • A low calorie alternative to cow’s milk as well


  • Chemicals in almonds due to how they are grown have caused thyroid problems
  • Trying to avoid artifical flavors and thickners? Sorry Almond milk unless made at home usually have these in ’em
  • As if that wasn’t bad enough the surgar levels can be higher in almond milk vs even cow’s milk as most people tend to grab the flavored cartons over unsweetened.

With the old man not home all the time right now, the kids are willingly picking Almond Milk for their cereals, to have with lunch and dinner. Some how I AM going to convert him too one of these days. When it happens then we can be completely done with cow’s milk for good.