Sunday Confessions

They say confessions are good for the soul. So since I won’t be making it to church today, I might as well confess to someone :)

1. We’re moving, been planning to move for a while (yes we just moved back to San Diego like less then 3 months ago) but didn’t really make the choice until Monday this week. And then didn’t even tell people till Thursday and we moved Friday.

2. Chances are as you are reading this I’m more then likely stuck trailing my husband mumbling under my breath at how much stuff we packed into the trailer and how he doesn’t listen to me ever when it comes to the truck.

3. This move has caused me to just stop eating clean. Well unless you count drinking Bud Light while eating Organic Animal Crackers as “clean eating”.

4. When the kids were sleeping in the car the other night during our move, I played old school Eazy E, N.W.A., Snoop, and Dre since they aren’t allowed to listen to it awake. Let’s hope their subconscious didn’t pick up on any of the words that were said.

5. During the drive I went through 2 5 hour energy shots, 6 large cups of random gas station coffees, 2 Monster Cubas and 2 Monster Zero’s.

6. I devoured a extra large box of Mike & Ike‘s during the night to keep me busy so I wouldn’t focus on how tired I was.

7. I went 36 hrs in the same clothes before we stopped at a hotel so we could work and take showers. I don’t know why I thought I would have time after cleaning out the townhouse that I would have time to take a shower before handing the keys over. Silly Me.